Ashley Horner, finding love for the Right reasons


Last night I tiptoed down the hallway, peaked in to my boys bedroom, and see them snuggled into bed.  I watch my ‘soon to be’ husband, close his eyes and fold his hands while Tripp and Cash follow in unison, they being to say Grace. My heart smiles and I listened to the sweet words that come out of Tripp’s mouth. Calmness sets over me and I am reminded once again that I have found my missing piece.

In a few days, my entire world will change.  I will be saying my vows to the man who has stolen my heart.  I’ve been asked a lot recently, ‘Ashley, what is it that makes him different?’ ‘Why him?’   It doesn’t take me very long at all to answer their question, in fact the reasons stand out like a huge elephant sitting in the corner of my living room.  From the outside looking in, he seems average but on the inside he has the richest heart & the purest eyes with the most beautiful soul I have ever seen .

Before I get into that I want to tell you a little back history of relationships for me; For the longest time, I sought after relationships all entirely wrong. I’ve let selfish men enter my life, men who were insecure and cared more about his ‘selfies’ than me.  I’ve let men emotionally abused me, constantly talked down to me and make me feel like I was worthless.  I look back on those relationships and I wonder WHAT THE HELL was I thinking?! I’ve had a man who told me to get out or he was calling the cops, in my very own house!  I’ve had my name taken off bank accounts, and shame on me for being such an idiot and allowing my name to be added to the bank account in the first place. Im not going to sugar coat it, I’ve been choked out, to the point where I’ve passed out and fell on the floor. But the wakening moment was when my young son walked into the dining room and knowing little ears were there he continued to use profanity with a raised voice and no matter how many times I begged him to quite, he kept on.  Thats when I saw first hand, the way Tripp looked at me, confused, wondering why anyone would talk to his mommy like that.  It was as if I finally woke up, pushed all the bad out and began thinking about the important things in my life.   Sometimes it takes you going through complete shit to realize there is better in the world.  Its scary to think that most girls can’t ever get their head above water to think that there is someone out there better for them, its like they are constantly walking down the same street and falling down the same hole. That was me, I was that girl.  I am very forgiving by nature and happy through any situation, I love pretty much everyone and everything that comes into my life. Sometimes people see that and and become so envious of the brightness in your life that they try and cover it up and take it away.

I centered my life around all the wrong things,  in the pursuit of seeking happiness, I thought by landing success I would be happy & content.  I achieved what many would call famed success and I still felt empty.  Beyond success, I sought after financial success… and after I overcame everything taken from me; rebuilt myself and worked my ass off for financial security; I achieved it.  But the common factor with both of these things, is by human nature if you allow it, you’ll never be satisfied and can be dangerously addicting. After I realized how wrong I was and what I thought would bring me happiness, the fame and financial success, that none of that was true happiness.

I started looking at life in a completely different way; I looked at the relationship I was in and thought to myself, is that the kind of man I want my little boys to grow up to be like, would I want them to treat the women in their lives like I was being treated and the answer was a big fat NO! Slapped right on my forehead, as if I was asking God for a sign, he hit me with a billboard.  From that moment on, I put God first in my life; reflected on my roots, how I was raised as a little girl and the testimony my father was in my life.  I honestly believe some of my poor judgment and being naive with my relationships had to do with me losing my father in my early teens. I know for a fact that if my father had met some of the men that entered into my life they wouldn’t have been there long.

So you ask me what is special about my relationship now and it can easily roll off my tongue.  He is the man, that as soon as he walks in my door he drops his bags picks me up in his arms and wrestles with the boys, a man who regardless of what is going on in his life is always puts himself second and is eager to hear about my day, he his selfless. He is a man, that I pray Tripp and Cash will grow up to be like.  A confident man, loves his job, thankful for his blessings and is so humble.  The way he loves me and his affection towards me and how I watch him show my boys love as if they were his own,  he is patient, a leader, and is a man of God.  My career is great, and important to me, but nothing is more important to me than my relationship to him and he supports me for all the right reasons. My family will always come first over my career.  I am still the same girl, with the same motivation, drive and passion and possibly even more so today.  I love him, he is love.  On a firm foundation our relationship was created but all the right reasons and started with deep roots! We have blossomed into something so beautiful, that you have to see to believe.   -Ashley

Image  Image

Sugar is SOOO 2013

Get the addiction out of your life. The more you eat, the more you crave. Make it a gradual change, limit the sugars slowly. It will be hard at first, but the longer you go without it the longer you can BE without it and end your cravings all together.

Judge a book by its cover

 Despite the noise in my life; when I train, my mind is quiet and focused, but my body is a machine ready to move.. I am a mother, so my time is always limited. I don’t chat during my training, watch the TV or want to waste MY time racking YOUR weights. When you have a goal and you want success nothing will get in your way. If its important you’ll make it a priority. <– that goes for EVERYTHING in life. Relationships, learning curves or in the office.  They say to never judge a book by its cover; if you ask me I wouldn’t mind if you did. I have build my house out of bricks one by one I laid each one down. I started on a firm foundation with deep roots I’ve nurtured my growth.  I never train to be thin, I love my thick body in fact I cant even tell you the last time I stepped on the scale, Im not concerned about my weight only my performance,  bodies are made to be a machine I only consume foods that will maximize my performance I was born and raised an athlete, to play hard fight harder.  Nothing in my life growing up was ever given to me.  I learned to survive off of nothing. If you want it go get it; the only person stopping you is that mind of yours.   Silence it.  Image

Dreaming With Your Eyes Wide Open



                 Looking back on the last few years of my life, nothing great was ever accomplished without me taking a risk.  I post on social media about dreaming with your eyes wide open; careful to pay attention to the details, and I recall mornings, days, evenings and falling asleep envisioning myself and where I wanted to be. Regardless of the size of any competition I would always see myself at the top, crossing the finish line, not stopping when it got tough. The power of your mind is so strong, I believe your mental mindset is more apparent than any physical strength you have.   We give up 95%  of the time because we allow our minds to argue with us.   Its okay to be scared when prepping for any competition a new event, a new job or starting a business. My mom can testify the ridiculous phone call she would get literally seconds before ‘Go-Time’ of how I nervous I was.   I love my mom because of the tough love.  She never allows me to back down, just encourages me to calm down and reassures me that I am going to be fine.  I want to make it very clear to you guys at you start thinking about 2014 to really start experiencing life.   If you have goals stop waiting till next week or next month to start them,  you’ll always stay in that pattern.    In one year, what will you look back on your life and wish you would have started today. 





the ‘NO THANK YOU’ bite

The ‘No Thank You’ Bite


In the grocery isles full of fruit snacks, pop-tarts, cookies, frozen pizzas and sugar loaded drinks. It is an uphill battle trying to get our kids to eat healthy.  Regardless of how hard we try, they are exposed to so much junk.  Companies have spent millions of dollars on marketing and have really hit a home run when they can even make Lucky Charms seem ‘healthy’  with ‘WHOLE GRAIN’ planted right on the front of the cereal box.  Almost seems like we’ve lost the battle before its even began.  Image


It might surprise you that if you were to open my pantry cabinets, you would find a box of Lucky Charms for Tripp and Cash, yes I don’t completely avoid foods like this for them.  Tripp and Cash are 4 and 6 years old they are already understanding the importance of eating healthy for physical activity, to grow big and strong muscle.  They get to have treats they love occasionally, its in their best interest they aren’t completely disconnect from these foods but I put them in a  positive environment and they understand how to respect foods and balance them with nutrient rich foods.  


I also have found success when taking them to the store with me, I put them in the cart and we pick out new fruits and veggies together, I let them pick out the ‘best’ one.  They get to touch and smell the fruits and vegetables, again this is an opportunity for them to learn.  Then when they see it on their lunch plate or snack plate they get excited because they picked it out; curiosity gets the best of them, its not a foreign food because it was already introduced to them.  


We are always trying new foods, as parents we tend to already have the, ‘They won’t eat that’ mentality’.  Stay open minded, and just because its not your favorite ‘healthy’ food doesn’t mean your child won’t like it.  You don’t have the same tastebuds as them, and you shouldn’t predispose them of what they will like/dislike.  We try something called the ‘No Thank You Bite’  especially for Tripp, he tries everything I put on his plate, with two big bites.  If he doesn’t like it, he simply says ‘No Thank You’.  This creates a no pressure environment and causes them to be open to new foods, instead of screaming at the sight of that unfamiliar food on their plate.  You will be so surprised how many things they will end up liking!  It incredible, and so much more positive then, EAT THIS NOW!  Which creates tension and stress at the table.   


Teach by example, don’t expect your kids to be eating steamed broccoli, when you’re munching on fried okra.  Its not going to work like that, kids are smart, and they pick up on so much without a single word spoken.  Lead by example, if you want to change our youth, diabetes, nutritional education and how our school lunches are being prepared then start now in the home and let your actions be seen.   


Ashley Horner June 18 training

972123_10200147415543608_1191004213_n 603025_582641451757568_1043481127_nMorning training June 18

4 sets unbroken
Handstand push ups
Rest 60 seconds between

1. 9
2. 10
3. 8
4. 9

4 minutes row= 54 calories
Rest 60 sec
3 minutes pull ups
6 strict, 55 jumping (chin over wide grip)
Rest 60 sec
2 minutes
3/4 body weight back squat (90 lbs)
Rest 60 seconds
1 minute 95 pounds barbell shoulder to overhead – 8 (from racked position)

Isolation strength deadlifts
145 pounds
15 reps
Rest 2:30
15 reps
Rest 2:00
10 reps
Rest 1:00
6 reps

3 rounds for time
15 box jumps
20 Kb swings (30 lbs)
10 push press (70 lbs)
Time 9:40

PM training

6 mile HIIT on treadmill
Wanted to make it to the pool today, didn’t happen. So tomorrow will be aquatics

Core session

June 17 2013 training ashley horner

7311_10200263337281579_996342842_n 7276_10200263539086624_1590089977_n-1Monday 17th June


1-RM pull ups -5
1 RM ring dips – 15

find your 1-RM back squat 160

weighted pull ups
set 1. +5 lbs 3 reps
set 2. +10 lbs 2 reps
set 3. +12 lbs 1 rep
set 4. + 15 lbs 1 rep
set 5. + 17.2 lbs failed

85% of your 1 MR
Back squats AMRAP 8 reps

4.5 miles HIIT on Treadmil 3% incline grade


L-sit (can’t do)
Left leg pistol squats 8
Right leg piston squats 20
Double unders (need jump rope)
Weighted chin up hold (32 kg) 20 pounds 29 seconds

30 seconds max effort row sprint

2:30 rest between row sprint

1. 138

2. 152

3. 148

4. 150

5. 152

6. 140

7. 121

8. 139

total meters 1,139 meters

A day beyond the NOW

I train there I am….



            A typical rainy afternoon in Guam, I pull up to my beach side condo searching for a close parking spot. ‘Great!! Good day to come home with a car full of groceries’ I thought to myself as rain splattered across my windshield making it difficult to even see 20 feet in front of me.   ‘All the good spots are taken again’, I mumbled quietly under my breath. I turned my head to look over my shoulder at Cash, my delightfully energetic 3 year old, sleeping soundly in his car seat. He obviously is in dream world with the slight smirk appearing across his face.  Not having a choice in the matter I parked as close as I could. Everyone always carries at least 2 or more umbrellas in their vehicles in Guam, except me.  Mine hangs upstairs right inside the front door, returning them to my car is something I had been meaning to do, but always forget until it rains of course then its only wishful thinking.  Opening the back car door carefully placing Cash over my right shoulder, I grab my bag and my arm load of groceries and take a beeline across the grass up the stairs to my front door while my legs were reminding me of all the walking lunges I had done earlier that morning.  Managing to keep the eggs from breaking and my sleeping toddler in his peaceful state, he rested on the couch next to the laundry that had been there for at least two days; possibly three. Image Groceries were being put where they belong, and I began the process of preparing my meals for tomorrow.  The little quiet time I had, I was taking full advantage of it, and with the gloomy rain outside this Saturday I wanted nothing else then to take a cool shower and snuggle up with my little guy, turn on some Netflix, & veg out in front of the television.   The thought crossed my mind for a short moment, but I knew if my meals were not prepared tonight I was only setting myself up for failure tomorrow. I train therefore I am steadfast, determined and confident in everything I do. With perseverance.


Being a mom is extremely busy.  Being in control of our lives and not allowing our lives to control us by making the proper steps to be a healthy and fit family makes you even more busy.  Put being a single mom on top of that the silent moments you have to yourself are few and far between and are much appreciated when granted.     As women, we are strong, nurturing and attentive beings. We have individual characteristics that make us unique in our makeup.  We have the ability to take control of our families and lead them down a healthier way of living.   Having physical strength only enhances our mental strength and capacity to overcome any trials that may come our way.  We must realize the ability we have to make a long and lasting impact on the loved ones in our life.  Knowledge is so powerful, taking what you know and learned and teach it to our young will only create deeper roots for them to build their foundation on.  My time throughout the course of a day is organized specifically on the needs of my family and profession.  I’ve taken the things that are important to me and make it a top priority.  Fitness and health is extremely important and I incorporate it into my life on a daily basis.  With proper balance, my day gets exactly what it needs and I get exactly what I need out of my day.  We are all given a specific amount of minutes and hours in the course of a day.  No savings account for our time.  Once its gone its gone.  I choose to live life with a vengeance never taking a moment for granted and taking the path less traveled with a greater reward at the end of a hard days work.   It’s easy for us to become lazy, apathetic and going with the flow of life.  We are beautiful creatures with so much to give back to the world; we need to learn to give back in the right ways. Women of dignity and unbending principles are not just born; they are molded to become so.


Begin to look at your life and find the balance that works for you.  Balance is a constant changing puzzle in your life depending on the moments.  Its easy to get overwhelmed when we put too much on our plates, so start by letting go of obligations that aren’t propelling you forward with the goals that you have set and replace them with key factors that will only have a positive outcome for you and your family.  Learn to love life and life will love you back, keeping our lives simple focused and purposeful.


Almost an hour has passed and my vegetables a chopped and prepared, my chicken breast baking in the oven is done and I’ve almost completed my coconut cinnamon cookies for my sons preschool class in the morning.  I walk over nudging Cash as he begins to open his eyes offering him fresh carrot cucumber and apple straight from my juicer; a favorite of his for the past 3 weeks. The rain has passed and the scorching sun is dominating the skies.  Lets go get your swim trunks on; I say to him cheerfully we need an afternoon spent at the beach.


Simplicity of an Orange


I am a lover for life.  The aura and energy that you get when you give expect little and love big.  I have so many things to be thankful for; not for material matter although those things are great; rather experience the moment.  Don’t get me wrong, we can easily appreciate the sleek styles and comforts that come in the box with a pair of Christian Louboutin Stilettos, sparkling water with dinner and the overpriced handbags we tote around with joy that inevitably end up in the trunks of our cars or the bottom of our closets with all the other ‘last season fashion’.  When I speak of home I am referring to Guam.  Where importance  is set on family afternoons at the beach, Sunday morning Mass and the constant revolving fundraisers for off island medical expenses.  My World in Guam is a lot different than living in the United States. I live in a little condo close to the water (Guam is only 2 miles wide and 30 miles long, so every place is ‘close to the water’) I drive a little 2 door manual shifter red car that I paid only 3,200 cash for.  Indeed overpriced but the A/C is cold and I have a sweet little spoiler on the back.  My car is considered a GUAM BOMB, not to be confused with a local alcoholic shot this is a favorite amongst the military in their late night off duty adventures.  I buy my fish locally almost everyday.  Its common to see fishing boats pulled off to the side of the road selling right out of the pacific just hours before buying it from them. I can go weeks without even opening my makeup bag and never even think twice about spending money on expensive hairstyling products.  Image  I have been traveling all across the U.S. now for about 8 weeks.  Every 3-4 days I find myself setting at a different departure gate.  You know you’re traveling a lot when the airport security and flight stewards know you on a first name basis.  The lifestyle of ‘wanting’ is so toxifying and happens before we even realize it; people, material things, or any sustenance that can quickly seep into your life.  I am ready to get back to Guam where material items are much much lower on the todum pole. I spend my days in worn out beach clothes, sand in my shoes, and catching gekoos with Cash.  I spend the weekend nights listening to local bands and collecting hermit crabs my boys bring to me in delight.  I look forward to running the soft sandy beaches once again without a single person sitting, standing, or laying in my way.


I live for the simplicity of life; I have a love for the beauty of nature. My heart full of compassion for others . Give me oranges not the orange truffle. I want a life in its purest form not composed by material objects; but moments that will last a lifetime in my soul but memories printed in heart.

I have nice things & enjoy them, but they are limited [by choice] in my life.